Rev. Fr. Michail L. Michail Priest

Cedar Grove, New Jersey USA

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5' 5"

Ordained: 1989-06-18

Served for 25 years.

Diocese of Ordination:

Archdiocese of North America


Archdiocese of North America


  • Born Magdy Michail on December 1, 1937 in Cairo, Egypt to the parents Labib Michail and Aziza Morcos
  • Graduated with Bachelor degree from the College of Commerce in 1958
  • Worked as a teacher of mathematics in Shobra el Kheim, Egypt
  • Raised in St Antonius Coptic Orthodox Church, Shobra, Egypt, his knowledge grew from the servants serving in the church at the time (as such Nazer Gayed, the thrice blessed HH Pope Shenouda III)
  • A deacon and Sunday School servant of St. Mary Church Wuguh, in Shobra, Egypt, he and several servants dedicated most of their time and efforts to growing the new church which later became a home to them.
  • From Guidance of his Spiritual fathers the late Fr Matthew the poor and Fr Basilious St Macarius. Magdy Michail wanted to dedicate his life to the church in becoming a monk, but was told that his services would be more needed in his church and to the youth.
  • He continued to further his religious education by receiving a Bachelor’s  degree in the Clerical College in 1964
  • He later also received a Diploma in Stewardship from the Clerical College
  • Under the spiritual mentorship of Fr. Thomas Soliman (tasoni’s uncle) he accepted the position of Head of Sunday School for the church of St. Mary in Wuguh.
  • During the war, Magdy as one of five boys was guaranteed to enter the army.  His family out of fear tried to have him flee to Lebanon to not get recruited, but eventually was sent to war. By a miracle of God a letter was received by the highest ranking officer to dismiss Magdy Michail for unknown reasons from the army.
  • On November 1979 Magdy Michail married Nadia Rizk his best friend for many years and true love.
  • He later immigrated to America that same year to start a new life in the lands of immigration
  • After a few years of odd jobs Magdy Michail was promoted to manager in accounting for the transportation dept. for the city of New York
  • He was a head of osra for Sunday school at St George & St Shenouda Church in Jersey City, NJ
  • Few months before retirement he was nominated by the late Rev. Fr Antonious Rhageb  to be ordained priest in May of 1989
  • On June 18th 1989 he was ordained Fr. Michail at the hand of thrice blessed HH Pope Shenouda III to the St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church of Lancaster, PA and to serve as General Priest for North America.
  • Fr Michail spent three years in Lancaster serving diligently, renovating the church and finally welcoming HH Pope Shenouda III on the first trip to the church.
  • Afterwards Fr. Michail was obedient to HH in travelling around the country to help with churches that were in need of a priest or aiding when a proest has travelled.
  • After the departure of Fr. Tadrous (his brother in ordination) HH asked that Fr Michail assist the church of St. Mary & St. Pachomious Upstate NY until they can find a location and new priest
  • At this time Abouna was requested to aid Fr Gabriel Abdelsayed at St. Mark’s Church whil also serving with the late Fr. Bishoy Demetrious in St. Mary’s Coptic orthodox church iin East Brunswick, NJ
  • Father Michail led, with the love of Fr. Bishoy,  the establishment of the church of Archangel Michael in Howell from its beginnings and for the next few years
  • Within those years and after Fr. Michail Michail helped establish and maintain many churches in the diaspora and outside. Such were churches and congregations in:
    • Howell, NJ
    • Elizabeth, NJ
    • Newark, Delaware
    • South Carolina
    • North Carolina
    • Virginia
    • Chicago, Illinois
    • Bayonne, NJ

May the Lord reposed the soul of our beloved Fr. Michail Michail in the paradise of joy and reward him for his many years of labor and service.

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